IFSC Climbing World Cup Meiringen - Everything You Need to Know

IFSC Climbing World Cup Meiringen - Everything You Need to Know

The first event of the 2021 IFSC World Cup season is being held in Meiringen, Switzerland on the 16-17 April and will see some of the best boulderers from around the world go head to head as they begin their last 100 days of preparation before the Olympics. Read on for a short guide on everything you need to know about the event including how to watch, who’s competing and what’s at stake.

How to watch

The event is being broadcast live on the Olympic Channel, with the semi finals starting at 9:45am on April 17 and continuing throughout the day. The steam will also be available on the IFSC YouTube channel from the same time.

Who’s competing?

Despite GB Climbing’s difficult decision to send no athletes to Meiringen due to international travel restrictions, there will still be some big names on show at the event including the women’s Olympic gold medal favourite Janja Garnbret and global climbing superstars Adam Ondra and Alex Megos. Several other big names are competing including Nathaniel Coleman, the US men’s Olympic medal hopeful, Kyra Condie and Jakob Schubert.

What’s at stake?

Although the 20 available Olympic spots for both men’s and women’s competitions were finalised in March, there is still plenty to compete for in Meiringen, not least the chance to take an early lead in the 2021 World Cup circuit, which takes place across 12 events from April to October. This event also represents a chance for those with Olympic spots to finalise their competition preparations ahead of the games in August after the disruption to many competition climbing events throughout 2020.

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