What are the best gifts for climbers and boulderers?

What are the best gifts for climbers and boulderers?

So your friend, partner or family member has started climbing. That’s great news, especially as it now gives you a much wider range of gift options!

But if you yourself are not a climber, knowing what to get that special climber in your life, might be a bit overwhelming. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we break down some of the most useful gifts for climbers and boulderers, breaking them down into price categories for every budget. 

Best gifts for climbers under £20

  1. Finger Tape

  2. Chalk

  3. Odour Stick

  4. Chalk Bag

  5. Hand Cream

Finger Tape

It might not be a glamorous gift but climbers get through a serious amount of finger tape and will ALWAYS need more. 10 meters of high quality climbing tape will cost around £5.00

eb climbing tape


Chalk again is an absolute must for climbers. In the climbing world, there is never enough chalk! To confuse things, chalk comes in various different grades of ‘chunkiness’. For the most part, desired chunkiness is down to the personal preference of the climber, however you can’t go far wrong with picking a medium grade. A 5oz bag of high quality chalk will cost around £10

Gorilla Grip Chalk 5oz

Odour Stick

Or rather, the anti-odour stick, is a necessary item for any avid climber. Wearing tight rubber shoes with no socks for several hours can lead to some pretty funky smells! Odour sticks are designed to be placed into climbing shoes when not in use to absorb most of the unpleasant odours. In fact, they can absorb moisture four times faster than air drying. You can pick up odour sticks for around £11

eb odour stick

Chalk Bag

A chalk bag is something every climber will already own. However, a funky new chalk bag will always be appreciated, after all, everyone likes to change things up. To really impress the climber in your life, we recommend one of ‘Organic Climbing’s’ chalk bags - visually stunning and high quality. £16 is also a great price. View our entire collection of chalk bags here

organic climbing chalk bag

Hand Cream

Climbing and bouldering is aggressive on the hands. So when the finger tape doesn’t quite cut it, a pot of high quality hand cream will help rejuvenate a climber’s hands. The best hand creams provide deep hydration and a great calming effect on the skin. Purchase now for just £15. 

climbskin hand cream

Wrist Roller

Now if you really want to impress your climber, we recommend treating them to a wrist roller. A wrist roller is a key training tool to help climbers gain stronger forearms and improve grip strength. Wrist rolling is renowned as one of the best exercises to develop forearm strength and size. We absolutely love the Bombina Wrist roller, exquisitely handmade and excellent priced at £18.50. 

top out climbing wrist roller

Best gifts for climbers under £50

  1. Portable Hangboard
  2. Accessories Pack
  3. Day/Lunch Bag

Portable Hangboard

Hangboard or Fingerboards are great gift ideas for the more experienced climber. These items are used when training to build strength in the forearms, hands and fingers. Hangboars are usually designed as semi permanent fixings to a wall or pull up apparatus, however portable hangboards have become increasingly popular and allow climbers to take these items to the walls or crags for the perfect pre-climb warmup. We recommend the Nomad Portable Hangboard which features handcrafted solid hardwood finished to the highest quality. At only £39, this would make every climber a very happy recipient! 

portable climbing hangboard

Bouldering Accessories Pack

Worried about buying the wrong accessory? How about buying ALL the accessories with this Accessories pack from big climbing brand, Metolius. The Metolius Bouldering Pack is an ideal starter pack for climbing and bouldering which includes a chalk bucket, finger tape, wooden handled brush and a 4.5oz bag of super chalk. Available online for around £32. 

metolius bouldering pack

Day/Lunch Bag

Put simply, this is just a bigger chalk bag. Usually featuring additional zip pockets and pouches, this bag is designed for longer climbing sessions when you need a place to store chalk, brushes and essential personal belongings close by. Our pick of the bunch once again comes from Organic Climbing and their dazzling patterns. Available now for £39

organic climbing lunch bag

Best gifts for climbers under £100

  1. Hangboard
  2. Climbing Shoes


For those handy with a drill, Hangboards are great bits of kit to aid climbers with some at-home training. Usually affixed to a wall, Hangboards are better suited for climbing than pull up bars due to their focus on building finger and grip strength. There are many types and brands out there, but for a high quality all rounder, we recommend the Project Hangboard from Top Out Climbing (£77). 

climbing hangboard

Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes are THE most essential item for any climber, but choosing the right pair can be an exhausting experience. However, given that climbing shoes typically only last about a year, climbers will always at some point need a new pair. If you are feeling brave and fancy treating your climber to a new pair as a surprise, maybe see if you can subtly establish what brand, model and size they are currently using. A straight swap for a worn down might be all that’s required! You can check out our range, featuring beginner and mid range shoes. 

boreal beta climbing shoe

Or if you really don’t trust yourself to make the right choice, let them choose instead with a Dyno gift card! You can buy them here

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